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6 Reasons Why Your Furnace May Not Be Working

There are various reasons for which you might require the Edmonton furnace repair services. Here we are going to tell you the four major issues due to which your furnace is not working correctly and might need a repair.


Dirty air filters

If the air filters of the furnace become dirty or get clogged, the furnace will have to work harder to overcome the reduced airflow. It will increase energy consumption as well as improve your power costs. Apart from this, the clogged filter might also cause damage to your furnace switching limit, which controls the fan.
How to identify it? If your furnace is continually switching on and off, it might be an indication that your furnace filter is clogged. In such case, hiring Edmonton furnace repair services will be a great option.

Faulty Thermostat
Due to the improper functioning of the furnace, you will start experiencing discomfort at home. It won’t provide the required heat as intended. Due to this, the fan might also work at inappropriate times.
In case your furnace is cycling between on and off, it might be a sign that it has a faulty thermostat. It requires a professional repair service to fix it and provide you a properly working furnace.

Malfunctioning of the pilot light
If the ignition is malfunctioning or the pilot light isn’t working correctly, it will hinder your furnace from starting at the beginning itself. The failure of the pilot light may happen because of the clogs or drafts in your furnace. It can also be the result of thermocouple problems.
To make sure neither of this is present, you need to hire the professional Edmonton furnace repair services.

Too old furnace
The improper functioning of the furnace might happen because it has reached the end of its lifecycle. It means the regular usage has depreciated the mechanical parts of the furnace. It means you need to change it; else you won’t be able to get the proper functionality of the furnace.
There are several other signs which you might observe to know when you need Edmonton furnace repair services. Some of them are:

Water pooling around the furnace
Your furnace can leak either gas or water. Though the water leakage is less dangerous, still it needs to be addressed quickly to stay away from any further damage. You can identify this problem just be checking the water pooling near or under your furnace.
A gas leak can be identified when you start smelling the gas. In this situation, you need to shut down the furnace immediately. Then you can open the furnace and turn off the gas supply valve. Do not light any matches or turn the lights on in this case. Call the experts instantly.

Weird noises
If you start hearing an odd sound like a scrape, bang or thump in the night, it means your furnace needs repair. Call a trained technician to find out the exact problem and to fix it before it’s too late.
To avoid these situations it’s better to keep a regular maintenance schedule for the furnace.

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